Cardigan in Swedish wool grey/white

€ 173.60

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This cardigan is knitted in Swedish wool from Öland, produced on Öland and simply very ethically produced.

It is naturally shaded from darker gray to light gray.

You can wear the jacket in 2 different directions, long or short and wrap it around you or attach with a large safety pin or brooch.

Regarding the labeling of wool and ecocertification, our producer of the wool says this:

To certify a product is expensive. We have investigated the possibilities, and it is no problem to get the wool approved, but then the prices have to be raised to finance the eco-label, and when we asked customers, they do not want to pay for it. The wool we collect with our own hands from sheep owners on Öland, Småland, Blekinge. We go visit the farms, meet the owners, talk to them and take it from there. Personal contact and true business.