Yoga mat John eco green

Yoga mat eco green
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John Mat - A yoga mat made by a Swedish yogi and friend to us at Saprema.

The carpet gives a very good friction / grip in both wet and dry, therefore fits all types of yoga.

Manufactured in so-called "onestep production" for short manufacturing time without adhesive or other chemicals.

100% Eco mat

100% TPE, odorless rubber material

100% Recyclable

Beautiful floral pattern in green color. The carpet is also available in reddish or sunny and blue color.

Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm x 5 mm.

Weight about 1.5 kg.

Care advice:

Wash the carpet with a mild detergent and mild disinfectant, the carpet is wet so let it hang dry (never wipe a wet rug).

Made in Taiwan.